and we would love to help you create and grow it...

We are Jo and Steve Davison and we mentor health care practice owners to grow a world class practice that can run 'with or without' the owner. This means a practice that :
✓  Runs like a well oiled machine.
✓  Can work without the owner having to 'wear all the hats'.
✓  Is busy and help lots of patients, but without choas.
✓  Has an abundance of regular new patients.
✓  Great patient retention (ethically) so they get awesome patient care outcomes. 
✓  Has a wellbeing membership community full of raving fans.
✓  Has a dream team working together having fun.
✓  Has a practice owner who is inspired, happy and enjoying being a practice owner due to having less stress, more time and more money.

We achieve this using our 5 V technology and Blue Cow Principles. These were the systems we used to create our own 7 figure practice and they have now been successfully used by hundreds of practice owners to transform their practice and their lives. 
If you would like to discuss your practice, we would love to chat with you. 

1. You are just starting out and want to save time and money by using a proven success blueprint.
2. You have a practice but are feeling frazzled, frustrated and on an emotional rollercoaster. Some days feeling things are good, but other days feeling stuck and stressed. You may want to add or develop a team.
3. You want to scale your practice and maybe getting run it running ‘with or without’ you having to work in it all the time.

whatever the stage you are at, we will create a clear plan for you. We do not like a one size fits all approach. We want you to achieve your dream practice, not someone else’s. So we give you our Blueprint that we used to create our dream practices and has been used by hundreds of practice owners and make it fit your goals and dreams.

When you become a client with Blue Cow- your team join Blue Cow University. We offer an exciting team training programme with modules, workbooks, videos as well as live days they can attend to help them learn and grow. They join our awesome community and get to hang out, network and 'pick the brains' of other Blue Cow team members. They will love it.

Book a FREE Consultation Call with one of our Blue Cow Experts to see how we can help you transform your practice and your team.

What some of our awesome Blue Cow Clients (Blueys) say about US:

come and join the most fabulous community of practice owners who support each other. There is no place like it!

Jo and Steve Davison are are husband and wife team from the UK who have become renowned for their exceptional business acumen and coaching skills in the field of practice management. They first made waves in the industry by building a seven-figure practice as early as 2007. In 2011, they established their coaching business, which has since helped countless practitioners achieve financial success and grow their practices to unprecedented levels. Their coaching methodology is unique and effective, and they have been responsible for more seven-figure practices in the UK than anyone else.
One of the hallmarks of Jo and Steve's coaching approach is their emphasis on innovation and outside-the-box thinking. Their blue cow brand is a testament to this, as it has been featured all over the world and has won awards for business both in the UK and the USA.
Jo and Steve have also authored five best-selling books on practice management, which have helped countless practitioners navigate the complexities of running a successful practice. Their insights and expertise have been sought after by business leaders and practitioners alike, making them one of the most influential figures in the world of practice management today.

Why the Blue Cows? Blue cow is a metaphor that Jo and Steve use in their business and life. Many years ago Jo and Steve were stressed in their brick and mortar business. At their wit's end, they took a day off and watched a cartoon with their young son. The cartoon was about a cow. Not only was she different from the other cows because she was blue in colour but she was also dynamic, optimistic and wanted more from her life. It sounds ridiculous but the cartoon made Jo and Steve realise that they were not being blue cows in their business. They had been settling and they decided to stop that and ‘become blue cows’. This was the start of their business transformation. They turned their business around and went on to create a 7 figure business that could run with or without them using what they call ‘The Blue Cow Way’. This technology has now been used by hundreds of business owners and thousands of their team members to grow an awesome business from the inside out. You will hear Jo and Steve talking a lot about being a blue cow. It is a message they are passionate about.