Build A 7-figure Practice Plane.
Written by Steve Davison 21st Feb 2021
Building a seven figure practice is now a matter of following a blueprint that has been set down by others before you. There are plenty of seven figure practice owners, you just have to unpick what they did, how they did it and when they did it. 

However, a very important distinction to understand in the construction of a seven figure practice can be best demonstrated when you think of the rush to develop the first flying machine.

In the early 1900s dozens and dozens of inventors were in a mad rush to be the first to develop a machine that could fly. Most of them focused their energy on the engine. They assumed that if the engine was powerful, that if it generated enough thrust, this would be what was needed to get the contraption off the ground.

If you have a look at those old photos, it's obvious that many of those flying machines would never get off the ground not matter what engine was strapped to them. They were just not aerodynamically sound.

The Wright brothers, on the other hand, looked at things differently. They spent all of their energy and focus on developing a fuselage that was aerodynamically sound and could glide on its own.

Once they cracked that particular code. They strapped a very ordinary engine to it and hey presto, it took off, and the flying machine was invented.

Practice owners are often too busy searching for new shiny objects, new funnels or Facebook marketing widgets to bolt onto their practice. In other words, they're trying to find the most powerful engine that will get their plane off the ground.

Although of course you do need an engine, much better to build the infrastructure in your practice so that you can scale it. In other words, build a plane that can fly on its own. And then think about strapping to an engine to that.

Come at it that way and your practice may well take you to the stars!

Jo and Steve Davison

Jo and Steve help Healthcare Practice Owners build high 6 or 7 figure practices that run like a well oiled machines with low or no stress. They make things super simple to understand.
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