What Movie Are You Choosing?
Written by Steve Davison on Dec 17th 2020
When running a healthcare practice mindset is absolutely crucial.

I wasn't always aware of this, I assumed mindset was some kind of woo-woo type approach to life and business. I subscribed to the belief that you did what you did and you either got results or you didn't.

As I developed as a health care practice owner, starting to move outside my comfort zone and encounter problems and situations that I never ever signed up for, I was forced to reconsider my position. As it turns out, mindset is everything.

Your degree of happiness, contentment, certainty, congruency, confidence, and success is governed by how you feel and how you feel, is governed by what you think.

Now psychologists tell us that we think in pictures. We instinctively know that this is true, if I asked you now to think of a pig, you wouldn't picture the words you'd think of the image it passes through the movie screen of your mind.

So since we think in pictures, how we feel is a direct reflection of the pictures that are passing through the movie screen of our mind. But more than that, it's not just pictures, it's moving pictures that really do it.

We have movies, running in our mind 24/7, 365. Those movies will produce feelings. And those feelings will lead to decisions and actions. If you're playing movies in your brain that disempower you that make you feel "less than" or that make you feel anxious, or in lack or unsuccessful than those movies will generate a feeling in you and you will make decisions, and be attracted to people and situations that reflect the feelings that the movies are making you feel.

If on the other hand you choose to play movies that are empowering and give you confidence; ones that make you feel successful and powerful and worthy, then those are the feelings that are going to pass through your body.

If you're feeling empowered or confident and successful, you make decisions that reflect those feelings and you become attracted to people and situations that reflect those feelings too.

So, since you're the director of your own movies. Make sure you choose good ones.

Jo and Steve Davison

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