The main reason healthcare practice owners are burnt out
Written by Steve Davison 12 Jan 2021
The main reason us healthcare practice owners are burned out is because we go into practice for the wrong reason.

So what do I mean by that?

Typically, we start a practice because we know and understand how to do the work that the practice does. In other words, we are intimately acquainted with the technical work that the business does.

However, we are less acquainted with the work it takes to run a business that does the technical work.

And so the dentist opens a dental practice, the chiropractor opens a chiropractic practice, and the acupuncturist opens the acupuncturists practice... and on it goes.

In the beginning, knowing how to do the technical work that the business does provides us with great joy and relief.

Suddenly, we are working for ourselves, free of working in someone else's practice. We are able to plough our own field. And all we can see in front of us are the sunlit uplands of success.

Trouble is, the technicians mindset, in which we - the practice owner - does the technical work is very difficult to shift. Initially it brings in cash. And this is often what we call "the golden handcuffs." 

The cash that we bring in keeps us - the technician - in the treatment room. This is not so good when the technician also owns the business.

And the problems stack up.

Staff issues. bill-paying issues, accountancy issues, financial issues, HR issues... as they all stack up the technician gets more and more overwhelmed. The only thing we understand is how to do the technical work, and so we rush back into that familiar world.

This leaves all the other problems piling up.

Eventually, it overwhelms us.

If the practice owner changed his mindset, so that he got to grips with practice ownership who was interested in learning how to run a business that does the technical work, then his life would change.

Most of us don't do that.

We continue with Groundhog Day.

Groundhog Day burns us out.

Jo and Steve Davison

Jo and Steve help Healthcare Practice Owners build high 6 or 7 figure practices that run like a well oiled machines with low or no stress. They make things super simple to understand.
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